How the WTC Towers


Humanity's Sphere

The WTC Really Blew Up into 1000s of Different Pieces from Microscopic to 100's of Meters in Size Going in All Different Directions.

o Dr. Ralph Speken. psychiatrist in NYC who treated many of the victims of the WTC devastation, stated regarding public meetings on 9/11 that were held at St. Mark's Church: "Father Frank Morales said that just after 9/11 he was struck by the fact that for many, many blocks away from the Towers, he would see multiple objects hanging on the sides of buildings, such as on fire escapes, window ledges, 'plastered' items against the walls, and on the street. These items would include various pieces of clothing, such as shirts, pants, dresses, as well as books, papers, items of furniture, etc. He was struck by the fact that since the multiple buildings on which he saw these items were so far away from the actual Towers, and particularly in the position they were in, the only way they could have gotten there were by explosions having sent the objects flying away for many blocks."

No Laser Beam Weapon Did This!

o Judy Wood & her followers continue to erroneously claim that laser-beam weapons did it, years after refutation

o Follower Emmanuel Goldstein, in his
nonsense review of my book, falsely claimed that the Twin Towers "dustified" in mid-air, never hitting the ground! How did the Towers "dustify" & look like the photos shown?! They in fact exploded into many 1000s of pieces which hit ground objects over 40 acres!!

o For further info refuting laser beam weapons see:

..... Articles & letters in 2007 published by Jenkins, Grabbe, Gourley, Szambotti, Arabesque, & Legge

..... Architects & Engineers for Truth refutation

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